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Our Learning Programmes

Infants (3months - 2.0years)

At Brightlands our aim is to ensure your little one grows and thrives through a range of learning experiences that are specifically designed to encourage discovery and learning.

Our infants room has a spacious play area that provides a nurturing, safe and peaceful environment for 3 to 24 months old children. Our trained teachers attend to each child's individual needs in a respectful, calm and unhurried manner. This allows for opportunities to develop trusting and nurturing relationships with your child and your family.

Our programmes are flexible and conform to your baby's daily routines. One of these routines is giving them peaceful rest and sleep. We have a warm and quiet separate sleep room with a cot for each baby. This offers comfort and security to your child.

A safe and inviting outdoor play area is specially designed just for the infants which encourages learning through safe and active exploration.


It is proven through research that breastfeeding is the best form of infant nutrition, providing a multitude of health benefits to both the baby and mother. We keenly support mothers to continue with your breastfeeding journey with your baby while he/she is in our care. You are welcome to come in and nurse your baby at any time of the day.

We understand enrolling your child to an early childhood education centre is an important decision and you need to be 100% confident that we’re the right centre for your family.

We encourage you come to centre and see it for yourself! You are also welcome to bring your family and your child. Please feel free to contact using one of the methods on our website – contact form, email, facebook or chat or call us on 021 687 278 to book a visit. 

We have also included  “Parents Handbook”  for your information

How to enrol & further information

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Come and visit one of our Brightlands Childcare Centres for yourself: tour the rooms, and meet some of our teachers. We offer high quality early childhood education and care.


Phone Number

07 849 6868 (Hamilton)
09 218 4993 (Auckland)
021 678 287 (Operations Manager)

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