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Brightlands Childcare Vickery Street, Hamilton


Brightlands Childcare Vickery Street, Hamilton is a privately owned and purpose built, high quality Early Childhood Care and Education centre situated at 53 Vickery Street, Te Rapa, Hamilton.


Seedlings Te kakano (0-12m) and Sprouts Te pehenga (1-2y)

At Brightlands our aim is to ensure your baby grows and thrive through a range of learning experiences that are specifically designed to encourage discovery and learning.
The Under 2 rooms have a spacious play area that provides a nurturing, safe and peaceful environment for 3 to 24 month old babies. Our trained teachers attend to each child's individual needs in a respectful, calm and unhurried manner. This allows for opportunities to develop trusting and nurturing relationships with your child and your family.
Our programmes are flexible and conform to your baby's daily routines. One of these routines is giving them some peaceful sleep. We have two warm and quiet separate sleep rooms in each of our Nurture Land rooms, with a cot for each child that offers comfort and security to your little one. A safe and inviting outdoor play area is specially designed just for the babies which encourages learning through safe and active exploration.

It is proven through research that breastfeeding is the best form of infant nutrition, providing a multitude of health benefits to both the baby and mother. We keenly support mothers to continue your breastfeeding relationship with your baby while he/she is in our care. You are welcome to come and nurse your baby at any time of the day.


The Saplings room has been designed to extend and build upon your child’s experiences in our Sprouts room. The dedicated play area and carefully selected educational resources are designed to stimulate their brains through
exciting explorative educational encounters.
Our trained teachers take special time and care to create warm, nurturing relationships with the children and their families. The aim is to provide experiences and interactions that support and challenge the children’s learning and interests while keeping them emotionally and physically safe.
The toddlers share an outdoor playground which is safe but introduces
challenges and adventures to encourage physical movement and learning.

The carefully designed and abundantly resourced Trees room, along with our play based and child centred approach, encourages children to learn through investigations based on their interests, while developing confidence in their individual capabilities.
As children explore and experience the environment, they learn foundational language, science and mathematical concepts in a far more meaningful way. Our curriculum is based on the principles and goals of Te Whāriki, New Zealand's national curriculum, as well as dispositional learning.
Our curriculum is designed to teach both educational and social skills needed for a smooth transition to the next step of your child's learning journey. A strong Transition to School programme is formulated by our teaching team, which ensures that your child is well prepared and attains a positive attitude towards moving onto their next learning journey at Primary School.


Centre Philosophy

Based in the centre of the North Island Nurture Land recognises the importance of diversity and values of tikanga Moari. 

As facilitators we see our role as guardians to ensure our children are provided with a holistic approach to their individual learning and unique learners. Our children will be recognised as competent and confident life long learners. 

Nurturing environment, strive to create a home away from home. 

Whanaungatanga-Sense of belonging created by getting to know each other. 

Trust and Respect. 

Empowerment-children recognise their own strengths, abilities and skills. A view of the child as capable and competent. 

Diversity- an environment that celebrates all cultural backgrounds and languages. 

Uniqueness of each child is acknowledged and celebrated. 

Collaboration, connectiveness & community-Whanaungtanga- a sense of belonging created by getting to know one another. 

Ako-to teach and learn. And understanding that knowledge grows from shared understandings. 

Individuality & Identity-- Mana tangata, learning occurs through active participation. 

Ongoing learning and feedback to support children in being active participants of their own learning.

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Come and visit one of our Brightlands Childcare Centres for yourself: tour the rooms, and meet some of our teachers. We offer high quality early childhood education and care.


Phone Number

07 949 8335 (Te Rapa Road, Hamilton)

07 849 6868 (Vickery Street, Hamilton)
09 218 4993 (Auckland)
021 235 4393 (Operations Manager, Stacie)

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